By | May 1, 2022
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‘Buy Swiggy so they deliver on time’: Cricketer Shubman Gill’s tweet to Elon Musk divides internet

While some thought the cricketer’s post was funny, others urged Gill not to add to the complaints against delivery personnel who travel all day despite the heatwave that has gripped the country.

Ever since billionaire Elon Musk closed the deal to buy social media platform Twitter, netizens have been asking the SpaceX founder to buy other companies to resolve matters that they are unhappy with. Joining the trend from India, cricketer Shubman Gill too tagged the world’s richest man when his food delivery got delayed.

After Musk jokingly tweeted that his next target would be beverage giant Coca-Cola, it has been a running gag on the platform with thousands around the globe coming up with more such requests – like asking him to buy McDonald’s to fix their ice cream.

“Elon Musk, please buy Swiggy so they can deliver on time,” Gill wrote on Twitter Friday, complaining about the Indian food delivery platform’s supposed tardiness.

Soon, the Gujarat Titans player’s tweet caught the attention of netizens and while some thought it was funny and joined the conversation with similar requests to Musk, others who were unhappy with his performance in the latest season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) tried to poke fun at the cricketer.

As the conversation continued, Swiggy Care stepped in with a sassy response. Replying to the player, the Bengaluru-based company wrote: “Twitter or no Twitter, we just want to make sure all is well with your orders (that is if you’re ordering)”.

In a tongue-in-cheek rejoinder, they added: “Meet us in DM with your details, we’ll jump on it quicker than any acquisition.”

Many also urged Gill and others not to add to the complaints against delivery personnel who travel all day despite the heatwave that has gripped the country. Still others wondered how he could order food online while living in a bio bubble for the tournament.

Some even went to the extent of speculating that the last tweet from the food delivery platform about Umran Malik’s spectacular delivery in “orange” may have riled Gill. During a recent match of the Titans against Sunrisers Hyderabad, Malik made a breakthrough in some style – knocking over Gill’s off-stump.

Gill – who had a fabulous start in IPL 2022, scoring 180 runs in his first three matches – seemed to have lost his fire later. Fans were disappointed as the opening batsman failed to showcase a sizzling performance in the final few matches.

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